Test Lab Architecture

Backend Server

The Test Lab Backend Server plays a number of key roles within the Test Lab application:

  • Exposing API endpoints for:
    • Creating, editing, deleting, and retrieving feature data
    • Creating and retrieving user data to be used during the experiment data analysis
    • Storing and retrieving event data from experiments
  • Ensuring the integrity of data sent to the Test Lab Database
  • Assigning user-blocks to each experiment to ensure that no more than 100% of users are enrolled in an experiment at any given time and that users do not move from one experiment to another
  • Tracking the last time the feature data was modified to support the efficient retrieval of feature data by the SDK

It is important to note that developers have the option of using the Admin UI and/or SDKs to interact with the Test Lab backend server or using the API directly.

Admin UI